Apply To Perform 2018 Newcastle Fringe

Applications for the 2018 Newcastle Fringe are now closed.

Thank you to all performances currently entered into the 2018 event.

The Newcastle Fringe will commence on 21st March 2018 and finish on 25th March 2018.

The Fringe is a new international performing arts festival located in Newcastle NSW, Australia. Newcastle is a stunning coastal city with world class beaches located two hours north of Sydney. Newcastle has excellent train services, an airport and all the facilities of a large city including ample accommodation and public transport.

At The Newcastle Fringe Over 100 acts will descend on Sunny Newcastle for 5 days of incredible performances from the 21st March – 25th March 2018 : Theatre, Comedy, Music, Dance, Cabaret, Circus, Children’s Theatre will light up the night.

Anything goes at the Fringe so we are hoping for a variety of proposals from Professionals, Amateur, Student and Graduate groups from Newcastle, Australia and abroad.

Where will my show be?

We have six venues from which to choose from.  Each venue will have three different shows per day starting at 6pm and finishing at 10.30pm. Each venue has 3 time slots of 1.5 hours, including bunk in and bunk out. On the Saturday and Sunday, 6 time slots starting at 1:30pm. It does not matter if your show only goes for an hour or less. We can work with that.

View available time slots for each venue here

The Crown & Anchor Hotel may do Wednesday and Thursday nights. This will depend upon applications as they have a restaurant in the space, thus Friday and Saturdays are definitely out.

How do I chose my preferred venue?

Order your three venue preferences by number (1,2,3) on the application form and a venue will be allocated based on suitability and availability.

How do the finances work?

You will be working on a 70/30 split of profits with the venues. That is the performer gets 70% of the net profits and the Venue gets 30%.

What are the costs involved?

There is a $50 rental charge to the venue and an administrative charge of $25 to Newcastle Fringe on each performance.

These fees are to be paid by the 8th January 2018. Non payment of these fees will incur a 25% increase of these fees.

There is a booking fee, through our official Ticketing Agency – Sticky Tickets, of $1.50/ticket and Newcastle Fringe has a levy of $2/ticket. This is split 70/30 with the venue.

What are the ticket prices?

Being a Fringe Festival we wish the ticket prices to be kept to a minimum, so we suggest the prices of $20-$25 per show.

How will the shows be promoted?

The Newcastle Fringe will be using the following media outlets: Official Newcastle Fringe programme, Television , Radio, Newspaper, (both editorial and advertising), and Social Media coverage to over 2.5 million people. ABC radio will interview some performers at their discretion.

At last year’s Newcastle Fringe 4 different media outlets were doing daily articles. Other radio stations were doing general interviews.

Newcastle Fringe can only promote the event as a whole, therefore it is up to you to promote your particular act. Newcastle Fringe will send participants a promotion pack to help you with this. However the onus is on you to promote your show!

A bit about Newcastle

Newcastle is 2 hours drive north of Sydney. It has a very good train service, an airport and the facilities of a large city. Ample accommodation and public transport is available. It is also on the coast. The surf is only 10 minutes walk from the CBD.

Newcastle Fringe Festival 2018

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